Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weather, anyone?

A television meteorologist recently said "There's a lot of weather in store for us today." Well, thank goodness for that. I have trouble imagining a day without weather, and I certainly am not ready to experience it.

The weather guys love jargon and too-cute phrases almost as much as their colleagues on the sports desk (I once swore that if I had to read the phrase "three-peat" one more time, someone was going to get a "peat-down"). I confess to enjoying those broadcast weather-thons on a stormy evening, with talk of supercells and wall clouds. I can curl up on the couch and catch up with static-filled updates from weather spotters and junior staffers at obscure places I suspect they make up on the spot.

"We've got butter-bean size hail here in Trailerton, where Co. XYZ crosses U.S. 747, at the Pig Trot Truck Stop and Barbecue."

If it weren't for hail and the odd tornado, no one would ever hear about Trailerton. Apparently in Alabama, where two or three are gathered together, there a town shall be, also.

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  1. You are right on target with this one. I once heard someone ask what "ground clutter" was and, if you got it on your shoes, could you ever get it off! I have a theory that if Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel shows up in your neck of the woods you should high-tail it out of there! That guy draws hurricanes and tornadoes like no one else!